Lani – Student Leader

Give one example of something you enjoy, respect or have
achieved at CAN?
I enjoy being Head Girl, on the School Council and House
Captain. I have achieved making new friends, as I barely knew
anyone when I joined.

What are your strengths?
I’m determined, loyal, strong, observant, have a good memory
and am also mindful of others and their feelings. I am friendly
and kind.

What are your weaknesses?
I can be impatient if I have to keep repeating myself. I can be
messy at times, and indecisive when asked to make decisions
quickly as I need time to think.

What or who inspires you?
My family, dancers I watch on You Tube who inspire me as I may
want to be a dancer one day.

Your favourite line from a book or film?
‘‘Friends don’t lie’ from Stranger Things.

What’s your favourite food?
Full roast dinner, especially Christmas dinner!

Three words that describe you?
Honest, bubbly, cheerfully-active.
What subjects do you enjoy most at CAN, and why?
I love PE, because I’m super active and like to keep healthy, I
attend a lot of physical activity clubs outside of school, as well as
in school. In PE we can choose the activities we want to do.
Science: we use lots of equipment and the classroom is big,
bright and airy. I always look forward to science.

What are your plans when you leave CAN?
Teaching music and dance, or PE – something musical and/or

What does being a school leader mean to you?
Encouraging and helping others; helping with school decisions;
arranging events; showing determination and being strong in your