For safety reasons, it is vital that we know as soon as possible if your child is going to be absent from school. Please call us on 01603 452628 and leave a message stating your child’s name, form tutor group and, where possible, length of absence. We also ask that you send in a note explaining your child’s absence on their first day back. We will contact parents/carers of any child with an unauthorised absence by text message on the first day of absence.

All students who are late should report to the main reception with a note explaining their lateness, reception will then mark them present and hand the child a late slip to show to their class teacher. The school takes punctuality to school very seriously and students who are late to school will receive up to a 20-minute detention on the same day during the child’s social time.

If your child is sitting a public exam and they are absent, they will not be able to sit it at a later date. Therefore, it is important they attend all of their examinations.

City Academy Norwich has a cashless catering system.

We ask Parents/Carers to pay for Dinner Money, and School trips, using our on-line payment partner, School Gateway. This is a totally secure method of payment, to start using the service click here for School Gateway.


School detentions are usually only given to students who have not met our high expectations for learning within lessons, and demonstrated a lack of respect for others within the Academy setting. Parents/carers are informed of detentions via text or phone call home. Detentions are held at lunchtime for 20 minutes or after school for 30 minutes on the same day; failure to attend could results in an internal inclusion. Mr Lowden, Deputy Headteacher, Safeguarding and Behaviour,  is the point of contact within the school for detentions and can be contacted on if you have any enquiries.

You need to apply for a new school through the local authority; your child must continue to attend City Academy Norwich until they have been put on the roll of their new school.

For more information regarding the ‘Pupil Premium’ please take the time to read the Pupil Premium page.

The Academy student planner helps students organise their work and plays a crucial part in the learning acquired from the Academy Knowledge Organisers. It helps students record and plan their home learning. It is also the first point of Home Academy communication. Form tutors check and sign the planner on a weekly basis, and we ask parents/carers to do the same. It is one of the ways in which you can share messages with your child’s teachers.

If you have any concerns at all about any aspect of your child’s education or progress,  email and this will be passed to your child’s Progress Leader and Pastoral Manager.  

You may write a letter to your child’s progress leader, explaining the situation. This will then be passed to a member of the Senior Leadership Team, or Headteacher to see whether it is possible to offer support through our Hardship Fund. All decisions of support will be made in final by the Headteacher.

You can request a copy of your child’s timetable by contacting 01603 45