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Extra Curricular

There are PE clubs, both at lunchtime and after school – no need to book, just turn up!  Click below to see what’s on offer this year: 

PE Extra Curricular Clubs 2021/22


What is “UCAN” (University of CAN)

Our ethos is “enjoy, respect, achieve” and we want every student to become a “game-changer” – confident students with amazing skills and powerful voices, with the ability to make the world better tomorrow than it is today. The UCAN curriculum provides an enrichment programme for students which enables them to:

  • Develop confidence
  • Learn new skills
  • Grow aspiration
  • Develop team skills
  • Build character

We also believe that providing our students opportunities to make their own choices in learning, to express themselves creatively, to connect to the outdoors and to focus on well-being, are fundamental to our approach to learning.

UCAN activities 2020/21


Term 1 – activities

BoardgamesPlaying boardgames is entertaining, but that is only one benefit. Playing boardgames brings people closer, strengthens relationships, and can help you meet new people. It also increases brain function e.g. memory. Plus there will be laughter and laughing and having a good time in general helps to decrease stress.
Code ClubLearn basic programming skills.
Dance Through The DecadesPartner dances or historical/ period dances/ dancing through the decades. A chance to try dances from around the world, understand which part of the world they came from, and which period in time. May include Charleston, Tango, Rumba, Salsa, Samba, Waltz, Jive, Lindy-hop, Paso Doble, ChaChaCha, Foxtrot, and more ... Also some fun party dances and line dances. All to a very wide range of music.
Debate ClubDebating club allows you to discuss the questions and world issues that we face every day. It gives you the chance to voice your opinions in a safe and judgement free environment and also helps to gain an acceptance and understanding of others with opposing beliefs. We will provide particular popular topics of discussion and allow you to make a democratic vote of which topics you would like to debate. You will have the opportunity to research these topics to pick which side of the debate you stand on, and then formulate your own factual argument you can be involved in.
Drama ClubDo you like to laugh? Do you enjoy coming up with crazy ideas on the spot that could take you in any direction? Then come along to Drama club and join in with improvisation (making up a performance on the spot). You'll learn skills such as problem solving and quick thinking, whilst developing your ability to work with others, cope with the curve balls that life throws at you and build your confidence.
Film ClubExploring techniques and skills used in film; exploring important themes and contemporary issues through film. Thinking about what impression film creates on us as viewers and using film as inspiration to create!
Forest SchoolLearn how to have fun in the Forest. Learn how to build a den and build a fire! Learn how to use tools for their purpose.
FrenchAn introduction to French language and culture.
Healthy Nutritious CookingYou can learn how to cook healthy and nutritious dishes using a variety of ingredients.
Learn to SwimThis is only for those who cannot swim or are not confident with swimming. To improve basic stroke technique, improve confidence in the water, improved fitness. The opportunity to gain CAN swimming awards.
Running & FitnessA fun way to get fit! A mixture of sprints, long distance, ladders, mini hurdles and other exercises.
TennisIntro to tennis. Learn how to play through fun games.