Houses & Recognition

Our House System

Our House system is designed to incorporate our Academy values – enjoy, respect, achieve – into everything we do, including developing a sense of House identify.

Our Houses, All staff and students are assigned their House when they join the Academy.  

Each House has staff captains, and student deputy captains – together they motivate students and staff to take part in inter-house competitions throughout the year, gaining House points along the way.

                         Winning House July 2023 

                             Phoenix Recognition

Throughout the year students can earn points for their House, based on the Academy values.

Enjoy participating in events; volunteering to help promote the Academy by giving tours, and supporting on Open Day; attending extra curricular clubs.

Respect supporting peers with their learning; raising awareness and helping raise funds for charity such as Comic Relief/ Sport Relief/ Children in Need/ Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day/ Local charities; respecting the Academy facilities and taking part in litter picking, and encouraging peers to do the same.

Achieve completing work and aiming high; giving 100% effort every day in school; achieving 100% attendance every term

Recognising achievement

Postcards Students get sent a CAN postcard, which equals 5 House points.