Mission & Values

Mission Statement

Every Child, Same Chance

We strive for every child to have the same chance in life. We aim to enable all students to become the very best versions of themselves, by providing exceptional education and opportunity in an environment of high expectation and aspiration.



We believe that learning should be an adventure that fires students’ curiosity. Our inspirational teaching engenders great passion and enthusiasm.

We provide an educational environment that allows all individuals to flourish in a supportive, caring setting. Highly enjoyable learning experiences take place within a structure of high expectation and challenge.

We also offer an outstanding pastoral and co-curricular programme. Our exceptional sports facilities, learning technologies and arts spaces motivate our students to push themselves beyond their own expectations.


Respect provides the bridge between our other two values of enjoyment and achievement. Our environment is one of mutual respect between students, staff and parents. Because respect for others begins with respect for ourselves, we promote a strong sense of self-worth in all our students with consistently high expectations.

We operate a house system to give students a deeper sense of identity and solidarity within the academy. Made up of tutor groups across all academy years, each house offers continuity and support. It also provides leadership opportunities under the guidance of tutors, progress leaders and senior leaders.

On an academy level we work hard to foster a sense of community and belonging. Students are encouraged to take part in academy assemblies, to help maintain our environment, undertake charity work and represent the academy locally, nationally and overseas with an understanding of core British values.


From day one we’ve set out to create a culture of success and achievement. This culture is based on high expectations for every student and a personalised curriculum that gives students the opportunity to reach their potential, whatever their strengths and interests.

Because we believe success is a journey, not a destination, we celebrate our students’ accomplishments every week throughout the year, not just when exam results come out.

Our facilities and technology allow us to stretch and challenge students, providing a truly high-quality learning experience. Above all we rely on the skill, dedication and professionalism of our teachers and support staff, who all embody and demonstrate our ethos, setting fantastic examples for our students.