City Academy Norwich takes great pride in its uniform and the appearance of our students. Please ensure that you wear the correct Academy uniform at all times.

Our official uniform suppliers is Stevensons Schoolwear. You can order online here: Stevensons

Or you can visit their shop in Norwich

Address: 62 Ber Street, Norwich NR1 3AD

Phone: 01603 622355


Compulsory Uniform

City Academy Norwich Price List 21

  • Academy branded blazer with green trim (to be worn at all times, unless school states otherwise)
  • Academy branded jumper (to be worn in conjunction with blazer and as a part of the summer uniform; summer uniform period will be communicated by the Academy to all parents, carers and students)
  • Academy green school tie-one free of charge tie will be issued during Transition
  • Academy branded rucksack (compulsory for years 7,8 and 9)
  • Academy branded green polo shirt (PE)
  • Black tailored trousers (no jeans, no leggings, no jeggings) or black pleated skirt (knee-length) available from Stevensons or if identical design can be from another supplier
  • Smart black shoes (no trainers, no canvas, no high-heeled boots) Accepted shoes within the Academy

Compulsory PE Uniform Years, 7, 8 & 9

  • Academy branded green polo shirt 
  • Academy branded Hoodie  
  • Academy branded black jogging bottoms  
  • Plain black shorts 
  • Suitable indoor/outdoor footwear

Optional PE uniform available from Stevensons

  • Academy branded Rugby shirt  
  • Academy branded fleece 
  • Mouth guards / other sports items e.g. socks

Compulsory PE Uniform Years 10 & 11  

You can order CAN Compulsory branded PE uniform for Years 10 & 11 online from 4sportskitshop click here to order

If your child has the correct compulsory PE from previous year’s (7,8,9) and you would like them to still wear this, this is permitted.

Compulsory Equipment

  • School Rucksack (only available from Stevensons)
  • Pencil case; pen, pencil, ruler, rubber (provided free at start of Year 7)
  • School water bottle (provided free at start of Year 7)

IMPORTANT: it is essential to label clothes with the name of child – particularly blazers and rucksacks


  • School bag
  • Pen
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Rubber 

Support for Uniform: 

If you require assistance with the financing of uniform, details of support, and how to apply, are available via the following:

Anguish Foundation click here

Foundation of Joanna Scott click here

Speak to your Progress leader in confidence if there are financial or other problems that prevent you from having the correct uniform or equipment.

Academy Standards / Expectations


  • No extreme hairstyles or inappropriate hair colours will be allowed.  Hair should be natural in colour, pattern and style.


  • Discreet makeup may be worn if it is naturally coloured, no false lashes/extensions
  • Nail varnish and nail extensions are not permitted and will be asked to be removed if worn.

Piercing and jewellery

  • All facial piercings are prohibited and should be removed or a clear retainer worn.
  • One pair of small ear studs only in the ear lobe (i.e. no hoops, drops, spikes or stretchers)
  • Any piercings beyond one small stud in the ear lobe must have a clear retainer
  • No more than one individual ring should be worn
  • Students are permitted to wear Academy Badge pins / recognition / achievement or Academy Council / Committee pins or individual identification pins e.g. LBGTQ+ / Eco Committee on their blazers.

Mobile phones

Students may bring their mobile phones and smart devices into the Academy. However, it is their responsibility to look after them. Mobile phones and smart devices must be kept out of sight in bags and not used by students during the Academy day. This includes lesson times, break, lunch, before the start and at the end of the day. If a student uses their mobile phone during these times it will be confiscated and returned to the student at the end of the day, following a C4 detention.