Future Forward

At City Academy Norwich, we are committed to ensuring all our students succeed, and embrace the opportunities and experiences available to them at City Academy Norwich.

We work in partnership with the Outreach Team at the UEA (University of East Anglia) and their FUTURE FORWARD mentoring scheme for our Year 10 & 11 students.

Future Forward provide tailored, one-to-one mentoring to students to support them to achieve their goals and unlock their full potential; helping them develop important skills – whether it’s passing exams, going to university, or doing an apprenticeship.
Students are assigned a professional mentor who meets them regularly at the Academy.

To achieve this, they work together on:
Personal development: confidence, organisation/planning skills, problem solving
Academic development: independent learning, research skills, reflective and critical thinking
Developing their aspirations for the future: motivation, exploring their options for the future and accessing higher education networks.

For more information about Future Forward click here Future Forward – Information For Teachers – UEA