Special Educational Needs and Disability


Our SEN policy and information report aims to:

  • Set out how our school will support and make provision for pupils with special educational needs (SEN)
  • Explain the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved in providing for pupils with SEN

At CAN, our ethos is ‘Every Child, Same Chance’. This highlights our aim to support every student and offer them every chance of success whilst they are studying with us. We have a dedicated Learning Support Team whose primary focus is to enable students with SEND to reach their full potential. For this to be achieved, we believe the partnership between the academy, parents, carers, governors, our feeder schools, external agencies and the students themselves, is crucial.

Mrs Block is our SENCO (Special Educational Needs and Disability Coordinator) and is responsible for coordinating the provision of all SEND students, and Alternative Provision at City Academy Norwich. If you would like to speak to her regarding a concern your child might have in regards to SEND support then please get in touch on: 01603 452628 or email:

 SEND Policy September 2023

CAN SIR Report October 2023


The Social Emotional Mental Heath Base is a supportive space that SEND students can access during the school day when they are facing emotional dysregulation. The Base operates using the Thrive Approach and all staff members are trained in Norfolk Steps de-escalation strategies. We value the positive relationship that we have with the students that access our space above all else and they form the foundation of our work.

When we are supporting students that have come out of lesson for a quicker spell of re-regulation we promote pro-social skills through connection with staff and game playing. We offer a range of planned and ad hoc interventions under the umbrella of Thrive, with a broad focus on expressing through the arts. To add to this, we have added outside learning to our offer, making use of the school woodland and CANALOT (our school allotment) lot where students can grow their own produce.

We asked students about their experience of the Base:

I would describe the SEMH Base as colourful, chilled and sometimes loud. I come to The Base when I feel upset or really angry, I play games there and chat to the people in there and it helps me feel calmer’.  Year 7

I use the SEMH Base when I go to school because it helps me stay at school. I usually go to The SEMH Base when I feel hyper or stressed and when I am there I can eat and read my book which helps me feel calmer’.  Year 8

‘The best thing I have done as part of the SEMH Base is going out to the woods and doing forest school. I also liked it when we went to the Norfolk Show and when I learnt how to paint Warhammer. When I got into The Base during the school day I like to play games with the staff, and it makes me feel good when I go back into my lessons. I have had less suspensions since I have been able to go to the SEMH Base’  Year 9

‘I use the SEMH Base to regulate myself and as a space to calm down. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed and coming to The Base to chat to people helps me feel calmer. I like seeing the staff and the students in The Base to talk to.  I would describe the SEMH Base as helpful, kind and a place I can go when I just need my own space’.  Year 10