At City Academy Norwich, we work with parents to ensure that all our students receive the most from their education. Attendance matters because we want every student to achieve their full potential. Research by the Department for Education shows a clear link between attendance and achievement. Students should aim for 100% attendance

Attendance Policy 2023-24

If you child is going to be absent or late, please inform us by 8.30am by one of the following:

Attendance Matters

Students with good attendance are more likely to achieve better examination results and go on to have more successful careers.

If your child’s attendance falls below expectations we will contact you and work together to help improve their attendance. We use the attendance pyramid in school to support students with this:  Attendance Pyramid Sept 2021.pptx – Google Slides

To support  good attendance we reward excellent or significantly improved attendance on a half termly basis.

Late Arrivals

Form time takes place at 8.45am every morning. All students are expected to be in form at this time. 

Lateness before 9.05am will not count as an absence but will be recorded as Late and a lunch time detention will be given.

Lateness after 9.05am will be coded as an unauthorised absence for the morning session unless there is an acceptable reason given. If students persistently arrive later than 9am this could lead to legal action being taken. 

Arriving 20 minutes later per day would be the equivalent to your child missing 2 days of education over a school year. 

The afternoon session of attendance is recorded at the start of the 5th period of the day.


The Government remains very clear that no child should miss school apart from in exceptional circumstances and schools must continue to take steps to reduce absence to support children’s attainment.

We encourage you to book appointments outside school hours where possible. If your child has repeated absences or long-term absences we may require you to provide medical evidence. 

If there is a problem, for example your child is struggling with a certain lesson, has trouble with peers, or has any other issue that is making them reluctant to attend school, please inform the Attendance Team or their Form Tutor so we can explore ways to support them.

We are legally required to challenge persistent absence, and may be required to take legal action.

Persistent absence is considered to be attendance of 90% or less

We may refer you to the local authority to start fast track proceedings, which could result in a fine being issued or legal proceedings.

Leave of Absence Request

If you need to take your child out of school you are required to complete a leave of absence form in advance. click here for Leave of absence request form

 If the school does not receive a request for leave, the head teacher will be unable to consider your individual circumstances and the absence will be recorded as unauthorised. 

The Local Authority operates a system where any pupil will meet the criteria for legal intervention where they have 

  • at least 9 sessions (4.5 school days) lost to unauthorised absence by the pupil during the last 6 school weeks

The Attendance team is here to support and advise you with any questions or queries you have regarding your child’s attendance, contact us via:  


Phone: 01603 452628