Pippa – Senior Prefect

Give one example of something you enjoy, respect or have achieved at CAN?
I enjoy all the events that happen throughout the year.  Something I respect about the school is how the school helps others quickly when they need it, and stop bullying as soon as they know about it.  Something I have achieved at CAN is learning new skills, and getting all the postcards sent home about my learning.
What are your strengths?
Knowing when people are upset, and having a creative mind.
What are your weaknesses?
Trying to help an upset person, because they not want help, then when I try to it causes me more stress when they don’t take the help.  Another weakness is zoning out in a conversation, because that could make the other person upset and think I ‘m not listening.
What or who inspires you?
The people who inspire me to become what I want to be when I am older include my parents, Ariana Grande, Dover Cameron, and Sofia Carson.  
What are your interests outside of school?
Drawing, singing, reading, and I like anime/manga as well – I also like acting.
What are your plans for the future when you leave CAN?
My plans or the future, when I leave CAN, are to become an artist, a singer, and maybe an actor.  I’ve always wanted to be in a movie, or be a famous singer.  But, I will probably get a job in a library first, because I was offered a job when I was 10 or 11 to go back when I’m 16, and maybe get a job there.