Grace – Head Girl

Give one example of something you enjoy, respect or have
achieved at CAN?
I enjoy discovering the library and events.  I have also enjoyed celebrating our success at the UCAN Graduation.
What are your strengths?
My strengths are being passionate about people, and I also have a desire to learn.  Furthermore. I am determined, and I have the spirit of teamwork.
What are your weaknesses?
My weakness is when I don’t find something engaging I don’t have as much enthusiasm as I would if I found it engaging.
What or who inspires you?
My parents, because there are very sincere and they teach me the importance of morality, respect, and diligence.
What does being a Head Girl mean to you?
It means a lot to me; being  a good role model to others and being given such responsibility makes me happy, as I feel that I can be trusted with big responsibilities in the future.
What are your interests outside of school?
My interests  are using my creativity in the form of art, and learning more about the world.
What are your plans for the future when you leave CAN?
My plan for the future is to further my education to University level, and support my community.